Inflation breaks Cumberland; Now these ‘everyday’ items have become more expensive.

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New Delhi: Inflation is skyrocketing across the country. Rising inflation has broken the backbone of the common man. In such a situation, the people will get another shock. Soon food prices, including daily necessities, will rise. Soap, detergent, biscuit and coffee prices will soon rise.

Britannia raises biscuit prices Britannia, India’s largest biscuit maker, could raise its biscuit prices by 7% this year, according to a Bloomberg report. The company’s decision has raised tensions in the country.

Soaps and detergents have become more expensive and everyday items like soaps and detergents will soon become more expensive. According to media reports, Hindustan Unilever, the country’s largest FMCG company, has increased the prices of its products. HUL has increased the price of soap and detergent by 3 to 4 percent. HUL has increased the prices of its products by 30-35% in the last 6 months.

In addition to the price of these items, toothpaste, cream and other daily necessities have become more expensive. Things have become more expensive.

Why is inflation rising? Inflation is on the rise these days. Russia – Petrol and diesel prices have been rising across the country since the Ukraine war. This makes it expensive to move goods from one place to another. This is affecting the prices of daily necessities. Apart from this, the prices of raw materials required for making these items are also increasing steadily.

शेअर करा.
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