Unique sight of meteorite seen in the sky from Jalgaon, excitement among the citizens.

शेअर करा.

Jalgaon: A unique sight of meteor shower has been witnessed in many parts of the state including Jalgaon district from 7.30 pm to 8 pm today. The sighting of the meteorite has caused a stir among the citizens. Meanwhile, many people have captured the meteorite on their mobile phones while the meteorite is falling and the video is currently going viral on social media.

However, the exact location of the meteorite is not yet known. Many have claimed to have seen meteorites in the area of ​​Muktainagar Chopda including Jalgaon city. People don’t know what is happening right now. The administration has not yet come up with any concrete information in this regard.

Meanwhile, Srinivas Aundhkar, director of the MGM APJ Abdul Kalam Astronomy Center in Aurangabad, said the sightings in the sky were of booster pieces of a satellite called Blacksky launched by an electron rocket from New Zealand’s Mahiya Peninsula.

शेअर करा.
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