Why does a hot summer night escape sleep?

शेअर करा.

Due to hot weather in summer, you don’t get enough sleep at night … that’s for sure. But it’s not just summer. Even when it is very cold in winter, you do not fall asleep early because of cucumber. Why so Because your sleep and temperature are closely related. There are two types of temperature that affect your body and alternatively your sleep. One is the temperature of the atmosphere and the other is the temperature of your body.

Your body temperature often changes throughout the day. Of course, it depends on the temperature of the atmosphere. When you fall asleep at a certain moment, it is also closely related to temperature, especially your body temperature. It is easy to fall asleep at the ‘right’ temperature, not too hot or too cold.

Our body also has a chakra. According to this, when you wake up naturally in the morning, about two hours before it, your body temperature is the lowest. However, as the day progresses, so does your body temperature, and two hours before you go to bed at night, your body temperature is higher than during the day.

Researchers say. As your body temperature drops, so does your sleep. That’s why in the hot tub before going to bed at night Many people say that if you sit or take a bath with hot water, your body relaxes and you fall asleep, but that is not the case. That is why scientists observe that the experience of falling asleep does not come much after taking a shower with hot water. Science says that at night our body gets cold. But, many people say, the reason we feel very hot at night is because the body also throws out heat at night. This body heat is mainly emitted from the soles of the feet, so one piece of advice … Do not wear socks at night on hot summer days. Let’s see how to read from this hot summer night in the next part …..

शेअर करा.
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