Why the cakes is to be used to cut on birthday ?

शेअर करा.

Celebrating a Birthday Cake is a must in almost every country in the world to cut and eat a birthday cake. Who decided to bake a birthday cake, light a candle and then cut it and share it with everyone? It will be interesting to hear that this cake festival has been added by different cultures and countries of the world.


The ancient Egyptian ballads knew how to bake, they even made cakes. But not as smooth as it is today. Next came the cake baking in Greece. The Greeks started making cakes to worship their moon god. It was also customary to place moon-shaped candles on the cake while offering it in the temple.


Time went by but the method of making cake in one form or another was in many places. The idea of ​​bringing a cake on a birthday, however, came from the Germans, who used to tease the birthday boy or the birthday girl before feeding the cake to the German parents. A candle was placed on the cake all day; But they do not want to be extinguished. Instead, if one candle ran out or another was lit, the candle on the cake would go out in the middle of the night and then it would be cut and eaten. The candle on the cake was meant to express the joy of giving your child a year to live. Modern drug treatment.


Infant mortality was high before the system was developed, so this method may be. The festival is called Kinderfest in Germany. The ingredients used to make cakes were expensive and not easily available, so making cakes was a sign of wealth. The industrial revolution also reduced the cost of cakes and made cakes at home. Birthday cakes began to be made in Europe and America, including England. The discovery of baking powder made it luscious. There are literally hundreds of types of cakes today. The cake has worked its magic on everyone. Now, if you are wondering why you should say ‘Happy Birthday to you’ while cutting a cake, it is natural, but it will happen again sometime.

शेअर करा.
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